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Patient Gown Avail from us perfectly stitched patient Gowns, which are offered in various sizes. The gowns are designed to provide uttermost comfort to patients. These are appreciated for their durability, excellent finish and tear resistance. High quality fabric is used in the production to ensure durability and skin-friendliness. We deliver these gowns after proper sterilisation and put these on various tests to check the quality.
Surgical Gown Being the leading names in the industry, we offer wide array of Surgeon Gown Non Woven that are light in weight and are offered in varied standard sizes. Our entire product range is quality approved and ensures perfect fitting. Our entire product range is easy to carry.
Labor Kit Contents: 1. Surgeon Gown SMS Blue 2. Patient Gown Sleeve less SMS 3. Leg Ins (PP) SMS 4. Perneil Sheet (PP) SMS 5. Bed Sheet with pillow cover (PP) SMS 6. Draw Sheet (PP) SMS Items & Quantity As Per customer Requirement
Disposable Surgeon Gown For Hospital We are leading manufacturers of Disposable Surgeon Gown for Hospital.
Disposable Spa Kit We are Manufacturing Disposable SPA kit with the following contents: 1. Facial Gown 2. Head Band 3. Waxing Strips Small 4. Waxing Strips Big 5. Bed Sheet 6. Wrap Up Bra 7. Disposable Apron 8. Panties 9. Small Shorts 10. Big Shorts Specifications: * Disposable Spa Kit * Material - pp nonwoven * Packaging - Customised
HIV Kit We are manufacturing and exporting of supreme quality Disposable HIV Kit. Widely used in hospitals and maternity homes, it has fetched high demands in the market. Infection-free and eco-friendly in its features, the whole range of high quality Disposable kits offered by us has heaped words of intense praise among our client-base spread worldwide. Our Disposable HIV Kit Consists of following Contents: HIV Kit * Surgeon Gown - 3nos. * Latex Gloves - 3Pairs. * Patient Surgical drape - 3nos. * Disposable Facemask - 3nos. * Surgeon Cap - 3nos. * Umbilical Cord clamp - 1no. * Disposable Goggles - 1no. Specifications: * E.T.O. Sterilized with E.T.O. indicator * Fabric: SMS * Effective cost * Supreme quality *Customized Contents, Items & Quantity As per customer requiremen
Head Pack Features 1. Surgeon Gown 2. Hand Towel 3. AB Towel 4. Head Hole Sheet 5. Large sheet Plain 6. Plain Towel Items & Quantity As Per customer Requirement
Perneil Pack 1. Surgeon Gown 2. Hand Towel 3. AB Towel 5. AB Large Sheet 6. Large Sheet 7. Centre Hole Sheet 8. Leg Ins 9. Wrapper We are suppliers of Swine Flu Kit to our clients these are used in Hospitals for prevention of communicable disease. Specifications: * Type - Mask Kit * Packaging - Customised * Material - pp nonwoven * Applications - Germ protection * Material Fabric Items & Quantity As Per customer Requirement
Delivery Kit Specification: * Gown SMS * Perneil Sheet SMS * Leggins SMS * Wrapper SMS